What Treatments Are Available for Hair Loss

Ideally hair loss should be addressed as soon as possible. Working with a doctor can be a very effective strategy.  Treatments for baldness will have different effects across individuals. But starting early can prevent a particular condition from getting worse. And individuals will need to maintain proper expectations.

The signs of male pattern baldness manifest visually. But the dynamics at work are caused by genes which can determine how vulnerable the follicles are to compounds like DHT and certain prostaglandins.

FDA approved drug treatments for hair loss include:

(1) Rogaine, which increases blood flow to the scalp and can help fortify follicles that are just beginning to be affected by miniaturization

(2) Propecia which can block the formation of DHT and lower its overall levels in the blood stream

A nutritional approach or a treatment for thyroid issues may also be considered. A doctor can make  recommendations that are specific to individual patients.

Very advanced stages of hair loss can be addressed by a clinic who specializes in body hair transplant.



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