Two Things To Look For In Photos Presented By A Body Hair Transplant Clinic

When viewing patient photos provided by a body hair transplant clinic, it is important to focus on two types of results:

(1) appearance of the hair growth results on the head

(2) how well the wounds healed in the donor regions

Why Does Wound Healing Matter In BHT Procedures

A body hair transplant clinic will remove hair grafts from:

  • face
  • neck
  • chest
  • abdomen
  • back
  • arms
  • legs

Having bumps and red scars would obviously be undesirable on these areas. Yet scar tissue is inevitable when the skin is punctured. It develops as part of the healing process. However,  it can be unsightly.

It is possible for wounds to heal without visible traces of scars. This can be done with punches that have been shaped to produce very little extraneous tissue during the harvesting phase.

Therefore, prospective BHT patients should look for photographic evidence of pristine wound healing before deciding on a clinic.



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