What To Do About Severe Baldness

Severe baldness is defined as Norwood 6 and Norwood 7 on the Hamilton diagnostic illustration. At this point, there are not a lot of options to consider.  However, here are a few that are universally suggested:

(1) shave the entire head to create a clean and sleek look

(2) leave the “power donut” as is, just like Ron Howard or Winston Churchill

(3) adopt the attitude that hair loss is not everything, since personality and confidence counts more

(4) wear a hair piece

There are still many men who feel that none of the above suit them and would much rather have real hair on their head. This is when a good clinic who offers body hair transplant can be of immense value.  Grafts last a lifetime. And the quality of the outcome will depend on how well the follicles are inserted to replicate natural hair growth patterns.





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