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Severe Baldness Reversed With Body Hair Transplant

This patient had lost most of the hair on his head due to genetic pattern baldness.  At the point of his hair transplant, he was diagnosed as a Norwood 7 which is the most advanced degree of hair loss.

The main challenge in restoring a full head of hair for these types of patients is that they don’t have enough follicles on their head. And they would be rejected by the average hair transplant clinic around the world.

However,  through the use of grafts taken from the body,  the donor numbers they would need could actually be met.

This patient sought the help of a doctor who specializes in this type of procedure.  8,000 grafts were applied during his first surgery. A year later, he decided that he wanted to improve his coverage and underwent another surgery for an additional 4,000 grafts. Here are his results.

severely bald patient successfully reversed his condition with body hair transplant



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