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How FUE With Body Hair Works

Body hair transplant procedures are basically a newer variation of Follicular Unit Extraction procedures.  The main difference between this type of surgery and the more basic form of FUE transplant is the type of harvesting tool used.

Body hairs grow at much sharper angles than the hair that grows on the scalp. This is one reason that a more specialized punch tool is needed. Another reason is due the high level of exposure that the face, legs, arms, chest and other areas of the body receive.

With this visibility, patients place a greater premium on wound healing results that look as flawless as possible.

Hair from the body needs to be selected on the basis of how thick they are.  Thicker hairs can be extracted from the chest, abdomen, back and beard areas.  These are close approximations for hair that grows on the head.  Thinner hairs can be gathered from the arms and the legs. These are particular useful for the outer edges of the hairline and temple points.



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