FUE and The Extraction of Body Hair Follicles

A body hair transplant procedure is based on fundamental practices in Follicular Unit Extraction.  FUE is a method for harvesting donor hair follicles using small punches.  Because of this, it does not leave a linear scar which is a consequence of strip surgery.

Advanced FUE punch tools are now available to perform successful extractions on regions of the body. Hair follicles can be obtained from the beard areas on the side of the face, for example.  Grafts can also be sourced from the back, chest, abdomen and even the arms and the legs.

The Use of Body Hair Follicles As A Specialized Practice

There are different challenges involved in acquiring grafts from outside the head.  Therefore anyone who is interested in this type of procedure needs to choose a clinic who specializes in hair transplant procedures with body hair. A regular FUE service provider will not be able to offer quality results.  And they would also incur a high risk of visible scarring on the skin as well.



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